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Azerbaijan Holidays and Tours

Our Azerbaijan holidays and tours show you a very different side to Europe. Azerbaijan is the odd one out in the Caucasus - with an Islamic heritage and culture more akin to Central Asia than Europe, it stands in stark contrast to both Georgia and Armenia. Bordering the Caspian Sea and with rich oil reserves, the country has always been rather a cultural entrepot, and today the ultra-modern constructions of Baku show a confident nation that some describe as the new Dubai. But look beyond these for an alternative insight into the country. On our Azerbaijan holidays discover the ancient palaces of the khans, delightful hidden villages and striking mausoleums that are evidence of a rich and colourful history. The strange geological phenomena of the Absheron Peninsula, with its flaming hillsides, as well as old Zoroastrian temples have given rise to the moniker 'Land of Fire', and bubbling mud volcanoes add to the sheer bizarre nature of one of Europe's most intriguing destinations.

8 days

Between East and West

Perched on the very edge of Europe, Azerbaijan occupies an unusual position both geographically and culturally, intertwining elements of Russia, Persia, the Ottoman Empire and Central Asia. This short trip takes you on a journey through a land that has remained shrouded in mystery for centuries, visiting ancient mosques and mausoleums, flaming mountains, mud volcanoes and more.

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20 days

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia - The Edge of Europe

A comprehensive tour through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Discover mud volcanoes and ancient Silk Road towns in Azerbaijan, see medieval villages and some of Europe's best scenery in Georgia's High Caucasus mountains, and visit ethnic minorities and learn about the rich history of the region in Armenia.

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