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We specialise in unusual destinations and traditional, often tribal cultures and offer some of the most exciting and ground-breaking small group adventure tours and tailor-made holidays on the planet. We can take you to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America that are at the wild frontiers of travel, places where tourism is either unheard of or in its infancy.

Some of our favourite trips

As lifelong travellers ourselves, we’ve scoured the globe looking for the new, the ancient and the extraordinary to create pioneering tours and an inspirational portfolio of adventure holidays and destinations.

Meet eagle hunters in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, or experience colourful festivals like the Gerewol in Chad. Visit the hottest place in the world, in Djibouti, or climb an active volcano in the Congo. Traverse landscapes that range from the majestic and breathtaking to those that appear almost alien.

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We are deeply committed to responsible tourism. Together with our local guides, we have built deep relationships with the peoples we visit, allowing you to experience their cultures as welcome guests. And, as a niche travel operator, we’re able to offer a highly personalised service to our intrepid travellers.

“I loved it ALL, every single part of it. The only downside was coming home!” Hilary Wheeler

“An amazing trip to get immersed into West African culture that went beyond expectation, an anthropologist’s dream. Fantastic ceremonies and rituals, exciting places to visit and things to see, dazzling, astonishing and thrilling. We felt very privileged to be part of the festivities.” Diane and Harvey Eagles

“A well-designed trip throughout – everything ran very smoothly thanks to your excellent people in country.” Ron Southern

“I am zinging with memories of rocks old and new, such welcoming people, good food including horsemeat sausage and vodka and of course great group of people who all entered into the spirit of the adventure.” Julia Simpson

Come and travel with us and discover a new world of exploration.

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