Our Togo holidays and tours focus on the incredible diversity to be found here, from the coastal belt with its rich voodoo traditions to the villages of the Somba and Tamberma, renowned for their unique architecture and unusual houses. One of the smallest countries in West Africa, Togo offers a wealth of cultural experiences that belies its modest size.

The south of the country is lush and tropical, and home to most of the population. It’s also where Lome, the lively capital is sited – the only capital to be on the border with another country. Further north the landscapes dry out, the population becomes more sparse, and it’s a little more relaxed.

Wherever you travel here you will find a culture entirely different to anything you will have experienced before. With gods walking the streets, temples dedicated to pythons and kings that can make themselves invisible, our Togo holidays offer you a chance to step into a magical world that won’t fail to leave a lasting impression.

Top highlights on Togo holidays and tours

  • Explore the vibrant city of Lome including the unique fetish markets
  • Witness an incredible ‘fire dance’ in the town of Sokode
  • Meet the intriguing Tamberma people with their fortress style houses built from mud
  • Witness the extraordinary rituals of a voodoo ceremony


The official religion of Togo is vodoun – voodoo. This is an incredibly complex belief system with a vast number of different gods and deities for different elements of daily life. Very different from what we in the west understand by voodoo, it is an incredibly intricate and legitimate way of living.

One of the most important aspects of the religion is sacrifice. Throughout the country you will find shrines and fetishes covered in candlewax and animal blood. Rituals and ceremonies are often extremely elaborate, with spirits possessing the bodies of devotees as they dance. These are fascinating to see and an opportunity that must be seized if lucky enough to come across one. Also, look out for Egunguns – human manifestations of the dead who walk the streets in vibrant costumes, creating an atmosphere of fear for the local communities.

Gaining an understanding of voodoo is an essential part of experiencing this unique culture – it is Togo’s most magical and fascinating selling point. Alternatively, in the north of the country, Islam is more prevalent, and there are many small ethnic groups with their own traditional beliefs. The official language of Togo is French, but other important local languages are Fon, Ewe and Yoruba.

The big groups in Togo are the Ewe (in the south) and the Kabya (in the north). The Ewe are the most prominent and influential ethnic constituency in the country, with cultural and linguistic affinities with other surrounding groups. The Kabya are predominantly poor, subsistence farmers and strongly support regional development plans as a result.

When to go on holiday to Togo

The region experiences two distinct seasons. The dry season runs from October until April, and the wet season from May until September. These can change by a few weeks either side depending on climate variations. Although most people choose to visit in the dry season, it’s also possible to visit in the wet season. The rain, although heavy, does not last all day and usually takes the form of short, sharp bursts. Do bear in mind that many roads can be difficult during the wet season.

Start planning your Togo tour

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Togo Holidays and Tours - Photo of traditional Tamberma house with shrine outside


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