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Europe may be more familiar than the ‘exotic’ countries of Asia and Africa, but tucked away in its farthest recesses lie lands that have the power to amaze and inspire as much as those perceived to be more ‘evocative’ destinations.

Cast aside any misconceptions that you may have about Europe. Beyond the tourist crowds of Rome, Paris, and Barcelona you can still find places that have escaped the homogeneity sweeping much of the continent.

It is here that you will find the ‘real Europe’, a place steeped in tradition, vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful. Discover the fairy-tale castles of Romania and its well-preserved rural traditions. Or head to the very edge of Europe and uncover the secrets of the Caucasus, a region of superlative mountain scenery, ancient churches and fantastic wine.

Meanwhile the Balkans reveal an intoxicating mixture of Ottoman heritage and Orthodox traditions. And the cities of Belarus and Ukraine hold some of the continent’s most impressive architecture, as well as a history that is both tragic and fascinating. Europe’s hidden corners are yours to explore.

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