Sitting on the edge of Asia, Indonesia is made up from a huge collection of islands. They stretch thousands of miles and connect the Asian mainland to Australia. Far less popular than the traditional ‘backpacker trail’ through the continent, this giant of a nation has much to offer the curious traveller.

The joy of travelling in Indonesia is that you won’t find yourself jostling for space at world-class sites. Instead you are likely to have places all to yourself, feeling like the first European sailors that set foot here centuries ago. Our Indonesia holidays and tours take you to a world where new species are still being discovered. You’ll find thick rainforests, imposing volcanoes and hidden villages that still pay tribute to ancient deities.

Our holidays and tours to Indonesia include West Papua. This large region is home to a rich, cultural diversity, which is reflected in its complex history. Various Papuan groups have evolved in isolation to each other due to the region’s fragmentary geographical boundaries and the enduring conflicts between neighbouring groups. The other half of the island is of course Papua New Guinea. And West Papua has far more in common with the lands across the border than it does with Indonesia, who occupied the territory after the withdrawal of colonial forces.

Top highlights on Indonesia holidays and tours

  • Stay with the isolated Korowai people
  • Discover the villages and cultures of the Baliem Valley
  • See the festivals of Tanah Toraja
  • Explore ancient temples
  • Meet Komodo Dragons in the wild
  • Amazing plane journeys over the New Guinea jungle

The world’s second largest island offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in a way of life that has endured for centuries, if not millennia. In some villages ancestors are venerated in the form of mummification. Relatives mourn deaths by chopping off their fingers. This is a world very far from our own.


Indonesia is predominantly Muslim – the world’s largest Muslim country – although Hindu, Christian and Buddhist populations also reside there. West Papua is a world apart though, and culturally cannot be considered Indonesian. From the coastal swamp dwellers and the Maibrat ‘’Big Men,” to the Dani and the Korowai people, West Papua is home to a plethora of tribal people, each practicing their own unique traditions and rituals. Yet many of the people in this region are still largely ‘undiscovered’ and have had little contact with the western world.

The Dani – warriors of the highlands – inhabit the Baliem Valley. They are subsistence farmers, harvesting an abundance of vegetables for local consumption, particularly sweet potatoes. They hold many initiation rituals and ceremonies throughout the year. Polygamy is still widespread here.

The Korowai people are an equally distinct community. With a population of around 3000 they are best known for dwelling in treehouses in the jungle canopy.

New Guinea contains 15% of the world’s known languages despite homing only 0.1% of the population. This reflects its vast cultural and tribal diversity.

Elsewhere, Indonesia’s population is a varied as one might expect, for a country of this size. The official language here is Bahasa Indonesia which the majority of people speak, but Indonesia is extraordinarily diverse and encompasses hundreds of languages, tribes and traditions.

The highlands of Tanah Toraja are a stronghold of traditionalism, with ancient funeral rites and elaborate architecture. They are also known for their unusual practice of keeping deceased relatives in their homes for years. And in many small villages a strong belief in animism still exists, interwoven with more recent faiths. Indonesia defies simple definitions.

When to go on holiday to Indonesia

Indonesia has a complex climate, with different weather patterns affecting different parts of the archipelago. For most of the archipelago, the dry season is between May and October. For West Papua, expect heat and humidity throughout the year.

Start planning your Indonesia holiday or tour

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Korowai man in West Papua performing traditional greeting - Indonesia Holidays and Tours


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