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The countries of Latin America offer a kaleidoscope of jaw-dropping landscapes and a great wealth of ancient history dating back to the Mayas and the Incas. Traditional indigenous cultures survive and some of the most famous and biologically diverse wildlife habitats on earth are found here.

Join us as we walk among giant adobe pyramids surrounded by desert and stand in awe of the world’s highest tropical mountain range in Peru. Or in Bolivia lose all sense of distance and space as we drive across the world’s largest salt flat. This is a land of spectacular natural phenomena, where pink flamingos amble across the fiery red waters of mineral stained lagoons.

In Nicaragua dense cloud forests engulf the foothills of live volcanoes and pretty white villages are home to local artisans and colourful cobblestone streets. In Argentina’s extreme northwest, desolate valleys give way to immense, undulating sand dunes. And in Ecuador visit surviving indigenous communities, living deep in the Amazon rainforest.

There is something for everyone in Latin America. Whether it’s red deserts and multi-hued mountains, or paradisiacal, volcano-backed beaches, the diversity is astonishing. With many tour operators offering trips to the well-frequented countries of Costa Rica and Guatemala, why not join us in the tiny neighbouring nation of El Salvador, a country whose turbulent past is brightened by its candy-coloured villages, traditional crafts and conservation efforts.

Latin America is a part of the world that you can travel to time and time again and witness something new and exciting every time.

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