Our Cameroon holidays and tours explore the best that this charming country has to offer. Nestled between Central and West Africa, Cameroon is home to an astonishing 250 different ethnic groups and a matching diversity of landscapes, from the jungles of the south to the Sahel of the north.

Virtually off the map as far as tourism is concerned, some of the most interesting cultures in Africa are found in Cameroon. On our Cameroon holidays, we head into the Vokre Mountains to meet the Dupa people and learn about their unique customs. We also visit semi-nomadic Mbororo communities, all of which maintain strong cultural practices in the face of ever-encroaching modernity. Deep in the forests lie the secrets of the Bwiti religion – one of Africa’s most fascinating and elaborate rituals.

Top highlights on Cameroon holidays and tours

  • Get up close to chimpanzees at Pongo Songo Reserve
  • See the traditional kingdoms of the Bamileke and Bamoun people in the west
  • Venture into the rainforest to search for honey with the Badgeli pygmies
  • Spend the night at a Bwiti ceremony of the Fang people, as they dance and drum into the early hours
  • Head into the remote Vokre Mountains to meet the Dupa and Dowayo people

Cameroon is sometimes described as ‘Africa in one country’, in reference to its variety of habitats and people. In the far north live Shoa Arabs, eking out an existence around Lake Chad. At the other extreme, the southern rainforest is home to communities of Ba’aka and Badgeli pygmies, existing in harmony with their environment. In between lie ancient kingdoms, cattle herding nomads, stunning beaches and volcanic lakes.

With abundant wildlife from giraffes to gorillas, and a wealth of traditional cultures, it’s a surprise that Cameroon isn’t better known. Surely one day it will be, but for now, enjoy being one of the few to discover the delights of a hidden African jewel.


Cameroon is home to around two hundred and fifty different ethnic groups, many of which hold their own belief systems and speak their own languages. The country is split in terms of religion between the north and south. The south is predominantly Christian while the north, bordering on the Sahel, is mainly Muslim. Within both areas, you will find many ethnic groups following indigenous beliefs. The official language of Cameroon is French, although in some parts such as Bamenda English is the second language – a legacy of the way the country was split between French and British mandates after the First World War.

When to go on holiday in Cameroon

Cameroon experiences two distinct seasons. The dry season runs from October until April, and the wet season from May until September – these can change by a few weeks either side depending on climate variations. Although most people choose to visit in the dry season, it’s also feasible to visit in the wet season – the rains, although heavy, do not last the whole day and usually take the form of short sharp bursts. Some roads can be difficult during the wet season though.

Start planning your trip to Cameroon

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