Having emerged from years of devastating civil war, Mozambique is now arguably the jewel in southern Africa’s crown.  Hugging the eastern shores of the region, this astonishingly beautiful country has so much to offer. It has a pristine Indian Ocean coastline and a cultural mix of Afro – Mediterranean heritage. Its towns and cities are imbued with Portuguese influences. Its coral reefs house marine life to rival any tropical paradise and the country is home to an abundance of spectacular wildlife.  In addition, Mozambique is now celebrating twenty years of political stability, and is emphatically back on the radar of international travel.

Today it still feels untrodden and visitors can experience the fascinating combination of old-world charm and a colonial legacy. It has a raw and seemingly untouched natural beauty which can be hard to find these days.  Its cultural diversity is apparent in much of the country and some of its exceptional architecture is testament to this interwoven mix of cultures.  Visitors will be given the warmest of welcomes as they enjoy both the spoils and the rich history of this extraordinary country.

Top highlights on Mozambique holidays and tours

  • Snorkel amid stunning marine life and observe majestic marine mammals around the islands of Bazaruto
  • The old-world charm and fading colonial architecture of Inhambane
  • Sample famed Mozambiquan prawns and other seafood delicacies
  • Watch the bountiful bird life at the saltwater Inhampava Lake
  • Spot the elusive cheetah, elephant and other game on safari in Zinave National Park
  • Relax at the protected bay at Tofo with its turquoise coral lagoon


Having gained its independence in 1975, Mozambique’s culture is now derived from its history of Bantu, Swahili and Portuguese rule.  The main spoken language is Portuguese and in urban areas these Portuguese influences are very clear and date back to the 16th century. However, the majority of the people are African which comprise ninety-nine percent of the population. The remaining one percent is made up of Europeans, Indians, east Asians and mestico’s (people of mixed African and European heritage). Two thirds of the population live rurally.

The predominant religion of Mozambique is Roman Catholicism although only 50 percent of the population are practicing Christians. Muslims make up about 18 percent of the population but tend to occupy the north of the country.

Maputo, the country’s capital is the cultural and commercial centre of the country.

When to go to Mozambique

Although a year-round destination, Mozambique is best visited in its winter months of May to October. Winters tend to be dry and temperatures hover at a comfortable 25 degrees. The intense heat in the summer can make for an uncomfortable visit for some. Excess rain in the summer months can pose a problem for visitors visiting the southern beaches. However, by contrast, the hot wet summer months can offer lush scenery and an abundance of wildlife

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