The tiny Balkan nation of Montenegro packs a lot into its borders, with scenery and history that rival many larger and better-known countries.

Our Montenegro holidays take you to a land of rugged mountain scenery, glacial lakes and lush forests. Here eagles soar, wolves still prowl the forests and shepherds tend their flocks in high pastures as in the days of old. Durmitor National Park, protected by UNESCO, is a particular highlight and a magnificent place for nature lovers. The park is home to Bobotov Kuk, the country’s highest point and the 1.3km deep Tara Canyon.

Among the mammals that live in Montenegro’s mountains are chamois, fox and hare, and if you’re lucky, sightings could include wolves and bears. Falcons, mountain eagles and white-headed vultures can be spotted soaring above the snowy peaks and Lake Skadar, one of Europe’s largest bird reserves, is residence to the rare Dalmatian pelican and 40 species of fish.

Historic cities packed with Ottoman and Venetian architecture include the fortress town of Ulcinj, infused with stories of slave trade and pirates. And all of this combined with a stunning coastline that stretches for almost 300km, makes this small country a surprising delight to explore.

Top highlights on Montenegro holidays and tours

  • Stroll the old town streets of Ulcinj
  • Head to the former capital Cetinje, a historical treasure trove
  • Gaze at the glacial lakes and dramatic peaks of Durmitor
  • Discover Europe’s only rainforest at Biogradska Gora National Park


Montenegro is dominated by Orthodox Christianity with minorities being Muslim and Roman Catholic.

The official language is Montenegrin, which is more or less the same as Serbian, and this can be written in Latin or Cyrillic script. The small Albanian minority speak Albanian, and many younger people, especially in tourist areas, will speak English.

Montenegrins have a close connection with art and are intensely proud and fiercely protective of what their people have produced. Artists such as Milo Milunović have helped to put Montenegro on the map. They are also passionate about all celebrations from weddings to birthdays, or just generally a sunny weekend and there is always plenty of Rakija to drink, the local fruit brandy.

Montenegrins are very strong-willed people, stemming perhaps from retaining their independence against insurmountable odds, having battled larger armies for centuries and resisting the Ottoman Empire. In contrast, and often misconstrued by other Balkan nations as laziness, they are also known for their calm and relaxed approach to life. They never seem in a rush to get anything done.

When to go on holiday to Montenegro

With a Mediterranean climate, Montenegro is pleasant to visit for most of the year. But July and August are usually very hot with temperatures nudging to the high thirties (Celsius) which can make sightseeing rather tiring. Winters are cold and the mountains see heavy snowfall, although this doesn’t stretch down to the lowlands. The best times of year to visit are from spring to early summer, and early to mid autumn.

Start planning your Montenegro tour

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Montenegro Holidays and Tours


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