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From the edge of Europe to the Pacific Ocean, Asia has long enticed travellers seeking the exotic, from Marco Polo to gap year students and everything in between. This vast continent never fails to charm those who visit. Its breadth of experiences, landscapes and peoples range from the nomadic traditions of the Mongolian steppe, to the ancient burial mounds and mammoth graveyards of Siberia.

We seek out the lesser-visited corners – not for us the backpacker trails through India and Thailand. We want our travellers to uncover mysteries and enigmas that have enchanted the western consciousness for centuries.

Explore the majestic Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan with their incredible mosques and minarets, or search for the near mythical Komodo Dragon on the furthest islands of Indonesia. Enjoy awe-inspiring scenery in the Pamir Mountains, or meet the ‘pagan’ Kalash people of northern Pakistan. Asia casts a spell from which it is hard to escape.

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