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Morocco and Western Sahara Holidays and Tours

If you think you know Morocco, think again. South of Marrakech lies the ‘bled es siba’, the lands that were traditionally beyond the control of the sultans and ruled by fiercely independent Berber tribes, a region that resisted the Arab conquest and held on tightly to their unique traditions. Our Western Sahara holidays take you from the High Atlas to the deserts beyond, a region studded with picturesque kasbahs, inhabited by nomadic tribes, and with the raw allure of the Sahara. In Western Sahara we meet Reguibat nomads following the ancient customs of their forefathers, travel on remote desert tracks and meet the camel caravans that still ply this route, in one of the most challenging and arid parts of the desert. Very few travellers make it this far south, giving travel here a real feel of exploration. Our Western Sahara holidays are pioneering trips to an undiscovered land.

Morocco and Western Sahara
29 days

Marrakech to Bissau

An epic journey from Marrakech, through the sands of the Western Sahara and along the West African coast. Meet nomadic tribes, travel on little frequented desert tracks, and experience the incredible diversity of a stunning corner of Africa.

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Morocco and Western Sahara
13 days

Morocco and the Western Sahara

Discover the wild and untamed lands of southern Morocco and the Western Sahara, where nomadic traditions, picturesque kasbahs and the raw beauty of the desert combine. Morocco is familiar to many, but the deep south is world apart that has changed little in centuries – join us for a journey into the unknown.

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