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The dense rainforests of Gabon are some of the most enigmatic landscapes in Africa, home to an incredible array of flora and fauna which has long disappeared from much of the continent. Our Gabon holidays and tours explore this little visited gem, taking you to jungle camps of the Badgeli pygmies, holders of the forest’s secrets, and learning about the ways of the first inhabitants of this land. Discover the rituals of Bwiti, a hybrid religion that has to be seen to be believed, and travel through old colonial outposts isolated in the thick vegetation. With 80% of the country covered by primary forest and tropical savannah, iconic species such as gorilla and elephant thrive, and national parks like Loango are among the best in all of Africa. Gabon is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts, and our Gabon holidays offer unique cultural experiences that encapsulate the magic of Africa.

13 days

Rhythms of Central Africa

Travel to the heart of Central Africa, spending time in pygmy communities, heading deep into the rainforest and looking for wildlife at Loango National Park. A unique cultural and wildlife journey through a challenging part of the continent.

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10 days

Gabon Explorer

Explore the forests and rivers of Gabon, looking for iconic wildlife such as gorillas and elephants, and uncover the secrets of the mystical Bwiti religion.

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