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As one of the smallest countries in South America, the diversity that is packed into this little, equator-straddling nation is astonishing. With a cultural and ethnic make-up as varied as its landscapes and wildlife, experiences range from hiking in the Andes and birdwatching in the cloud forest, to meeting indigenous communities in the Amazon and staying with farming families at their highland haciendas.

Ecuador is about setting out on kayaks in the Amazon rainforest searching for monkeys, toucans and sloths, it’s about exploring trails – binoculars in hand - in the birder’s paradise of the western Andean cloud forests. It’s wandering the cobblestone streets and pretty plazas of Cuenca and Quito, that are lined with beautifully restored-mansions, monasteries and 17th century churches. It’s circumambulating high altitude lakes with a pack of alpacas for company, and it’s becoming engulfed in a sea of colourful textiles as you weave through the lanes of the Andean village markets.

This is a country that has more species of mammals and amphibians per square metre than any other country on Earth. Exploration here is not limited to the day, as when the markets close, the nocturnal creatures of Ecuador’s forests are just awakening…

17 days

Ecuador - Amazon and Cloud Forest

A mind-boggling array of natural wonders can be found in this tiny South American nation. From the Amazon to the Andes, from the cloud forest to the coast, Ecuador's varied landscapes are teeming with wildlife and the mixed cultures of the country are just as fascinating...

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