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Our Djibouti holidays and tours take you to one of the smallest and least known countries in Africa. Djibouti sits on the edge of the Red Sea opposite Arabia, a cultural melting pot of African, Arabic and Indian Ocean influences. With a bleak but strikingly beautiful landscape, this tiny nation isn't the obvious choice for a holiday destination, but for those who like their travel on the extreme side, it may well be the most exciting place in the Horn of Africa. Our Djibouti holidays and tours visit the jaw-droppingly impressive Lac Abbe, a geological wonder with limestone chimneys belching sulphurous gases, as well as Lac Assal, the lowest point in Africa. In complete contrast are the lush forests and waterfalls of Foret du Day and Bankouale, home to rare species of plants and animals, and the towns are a riot of colour, with traders coming from across the sea to rub shoulders with Afar tribesmen and French Foreign Legionnaires. Djibouti is too often eclipsed by its far larger neighbour Ethiopia, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in spectacle.

10 days

The Horn of Africa - Djibouti and Somaliland

Discover two of the least known countries in Africa, visiting the incredible landscapes of Lac Assal and Lac Abbe, stunning rock art at Las Geel and Dhagax Khoure and the laid back Red Sea towns of Berbera and Tadjourah. Adventure in the Horn of Africa.

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9 days

Djibouti and the Danakil Depression

The horn of Africa is a fascinating mélange of cultures, from nomadic herders to Arabian traders and influences from across the Indian Ocean. It is also home to some of the continent's most remote and breathtaking landscapes, a land where the taste of the wild is in the air, simply begging the intrepid traveller to explore. There are few places in the world that can compete with this region for real adventure.

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13 days

Djibouti, the Danakil Depression and Somaliland

Explore a remote and stunningly beautiful part of Africa. Visit the otherworldly landscapes of Djibouti, then cross into Ethiopia's Danakil Depression to hike up a volcano and meet Afar camel herders. From here head into the unrecognised country of Somaliland to discover amazing rock art sites and the vestiges of the Ottoman empire.

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