Split between the Sahara and the Sahel, Niger has effectively been closed for tourism for some time. Following careful and painstaking on-the-ground research, we’re delighted to be able to launch trips to this enigmatic and complex land.

With much of the country consisting of desert, Niger is ideal for those who like their travel raw, remote and untamed. Within its borders lies the awe-inspiring Tenere desert, home to some of the most impressive scenery in the whole of the Sahara, as well as the Air mountains, the refuge of the Tuareg who never accepted the French colonisation of the region.

Hidden here are ancient trading cities like Agadez, a maze of mud brick buildings and narrow alleys where veiled men come in from the furthest reaches of the desert to trade and catch up on news. Oases like Fachi provide the salt that is the reason for the camel caravans that still cross the sands; Niger is one of the last countries where these still exist, and to encounter this mass of men and beasts in the remote corners of the Sahara is to step back in time and see a world that will not exist for much longer. From the caravans, they return to their villages, some of the most inaccessible settlements on our planet.

As if this weren’t exciting enough, in some parts the fossils of ancient dinosaurs can be found emerging from the earth.

Travel here is not easy – we don’t make any pretensions about this. Infrastructure is limited, in many places roads barely exist, and you can forget about a cold shower at the end of the day when travelling through the desert. But there are few adventures that come close, and in an age where it sometimes seems that every travel experience is reproduced a million times on Instagram, journeying through Niger remains about as authentic and untamed as it gets.

Top highlights on Niger holidays and tours

  • Visit the mythical city of Agadez
  • See the fossils of dinosaurs
  • Encounter traditional camel caravans
  • Meet the Tuareg people
  • The enormous dunes of Temet
  • Travel through the Tenere desert

Desert travel at its very best. On our Niger holidays and tours we traverse the most remote parts of the Sahara, meeting camel caravans, and stopping in Tuareg settlements, camping out under the stars each night. This is untouched Africa, and a must for those who like their travel as raw as it gets.


Over 90% of the population of Niger is Muslim with a small proportion of people still following animist beliefs. Animists believe in the supernatural powers of spirits and other inanimate objects and often practice spirit exorcism rituals.

French is the official language but many variations and dialects exist within different ethnic groups. The Hausa and Djerma languages have been adopted by many as the second language in areas where Hausa and Djerma people are widespread. Tamashek is the language of the Tuareg.

The Nigerien population consists of many different ethnic groups. The Hausa, Tuareg and Djerma groups represent the majority of the population. Tuareg, or kel-Tamashek (speakers of Tamashek) are a nomadic group of people who are found in Algeria, Mali, Niger, Libya and Burkina Faso. Their origins are not completely known but many sources believe that they are Berbers who retreated into the desert during the Arab invasions of North Africa. Today they follow Islam but an unusual aspect of their culture is that the men wear a type of veil, known as a ‘tagelmoust’ while the women’s faces are uncovered. Today Tuareg groups in Mali and Niger have been involved in conflict with government in attempts to gain greater autonomy. Tuareg men can still today be seen wearing their traditional swords when out travelling.

When to go on holiday to Niger

The region experiences two distinct seasons. The dry season runs from October until April, and the wet season from May until September – these can change by a few weeks either side depending on climate variations. Although most people choose to visit in the dry season, it’s also feasible to visit in the wet season – the rains, although heavy, do not last the whole day and usually take the form of short sharp bursts. However, desert travel is only realistically possible in the winter months.

Start planning your Niger holiday

Check out our small group tour to Niger, Into the Tenere. Although many of our trips are small group adventures with set departures, as a bespoke operator, we can design and create trips to suit any traveller, from solos to larger groups. If you would like to find out more about tailor-made holidays to Niger or our group tours, call us on 01473 328546 or email us via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.



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