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Our Ukraine holidays and tours challenge any preconceptions that you may have about this vast nation, and uncover a sleeping giant that is starting to gain the recognition it truly deserves. Now released from the grip of its much larger eastern neighbor Ukraine is quickly becoming known as the home to some of Europe's greatest cultural treasures, its cities packed full of splendid architecture and stunning buildings that rival anywhere else on the continent. Its deep religious heritage was never quite stamped out under Soviet rule and the country abounds with utterly breathtaking churches and monasteries, while the elegant city of Lviv boasts stunning palaces, museums and theatres that demand your attention. Outside of the cities are endless steppes, golden wheat fields, gushing rivers and imposing mountains that are home to some of Europe's most traditional people, the Hutsuls, and wildlife such as bear and lynx still roam the vast forests. Our Ukraine holidays show you a country that sits on the edge of Europe, still very much off any kind of tourist circuit, making travel here rewarding and authentic in a way that is fast being lost elsewhere.

16 days

Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

Travel to the farthest reaches of Europe on a two week tour that explores three countries, and one breakaway republic. This is a truly intriguing region, full of surprises and imbued with a rich heritage that easily rivals better known parts of Europe, and best of all, it's well off the tourist map.

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