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Turkmenistan Holidays

Definitely one of the world's more 'unusual' countries, Turkmenistan is usually only known for its rather eccentric former ruler Turkmenbashi, who instigated a cult of personality and named days of the week after himself. But few people know that it's actually one of Asia's most rewarding places to explore, and that's what we aim to show you on this Turkmenistan tour. Starting in Ashgabat we visit its unusual monuments before heading into the wilds beyond the cities, which is really most of the country. We explore the striking landscapes of the east, with mountains, coloured canyons and the Caspian Sea, then cross the Kara Kum desert to spend the night beside a flaming gas crater that has been burning for more than forty years. We uncover the remains of lost civilisations in Parthian fortresses and the remains of ancient Merv and Gonur Tepe, as well as the splendid Silk Road monuments of Konye-Urgench.  Turkmenistan is a land of surprises, with friendly people who will be delighted to see us, giving us great opportunities to learn about the intriguing customs that thrive here, in the space between the west and east. Unlock the secrets of a hidden land on an unusual and captivating journey.

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