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Turkmenistan Holidays and Tours

Our Turkmenistan holidays and tours give you an unparalleled insight into a nation that straddles east and west but with a character entirely of its own. They don't come much quirkier than Turkmenistan. With a glittering capital awash with white marble and monuments, to foreboding deserts that were once home to feared tribes, it is sure to be one of the most unusual places you've ever visited. Brash modernity rubs shoulders with ancient heritage and cities that date back to the dawn of civilisation, and while the wealth from natural resources is transforming Turkmenistan in places, in others pilgrims walk centuries old trails to perform rituals that are still steeped in ancient beliefs. With a wide array of spectacular natural sights - there aren't many places that you can find flaming gas craters in the middle of the desert, or dinosaur footprints embedded in rocks - as well as stunning monuments old and new, Turkmenistan deserves a lot more attention than it currently receives, but while it remains largely off the tourist map enjoy having it all to yourself.

13 days

Total Turkmenistan

Definitely one of the world's more 'unusual' countries, Turkmenistan is usually only known for its rather eccentric former ruler Turkmenbashi, who instigated a cult of personality and named days of the week after himself. But few people know that it's actually one of Asia's most rewarding places to explore. Unlock the secrets of a hidden land on an unusual and captivating journey.

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16 days

Silk Road Explorer

The countries of the Silk Road are some of the most evocative on the planet, filled with the romance of traders from the east, lost cities and forgotten empires. Visit Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara, explore the mountains of Tajikistan, stay at the flaming gas crater of Darwaza and explore the bizarre monuments of Ashgabat.

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26 days

Central Asia Encompassed

An epic adventure through the five 'stans'. Discover the remarkable cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, rub shoulders with nomadic herders of the shores of Lake Song Kul, traverse the wild landscapes of Kazakhstan and learn about the ancient civilisations that made up the Silk Road.

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