Benin, Ghana, Togo - 12 days
Ouidah Voodoo Festival
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Ghana Holidays

Discover the voodoo traditions of a magical land on this two week Ghana, Togo and Benin tour that takes you right to the heart of the magic of Africa. We start in Accra for convenience for flights, then cross into Togo, a tiny but rather intriguing country with a wide array of different ethnic groups and cultures. Our first introduction to traditional beliefs is at the bizarre fetish market of Lome before crossing into Benin and heading to Ouidah. Here we witness the extraordinary spectacle of the annual voodoo festival, attended by worshippers from across the country - this is one of Africa's most vibrant ceremonies and once seen, never forgotten. Moving on we visit royal palaces, explore the unique villages of the Tamberma and are guests at a fire dance. Back in Ghana we explore the culture of the Ashanti and Krobo people, and delve into the tragic history of the slave trade at Elmina. This is a diverse and exciting tour that is both a great introduction to the region and of equal appeal to seasoned African travellers.

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