Benin, Ghana, Togo - 12 days
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Benin Holidays

Ghana, Togo and Benin are home to an amazing diversity of traditional cultures, from the once mighty kingdom of the Ashanti to smaller groups living in isolation in the bush. This tour explores all three, showing you the startling diversity of West Africa. We start in Accra, one of the region's liveliest cities before crossing into the tiny country of Togo to explore its fetish market and witness a traditional voodoo ceremony deep in the bush. Moving on to Benin we explore stilt villages and ancient kingdoms in the south, then head north to visit the fiercely traditional Tamberma people, with extraordinary fortress style houses designed to protect them from invaders. Returning westwards we see traditional ceremonies and hike in the hills around Kloto, before returning back to Ghana. Here we look for sacred monkeys in the forest and travel through the lands of the Krobo, as well as the Ashanti capital of Kumasi, now a bustling city but rich in traditions that hint at past glories. The trip ends in the colourful fishing village of Elmina, home to an imposing slave castle dating back more than five hundred years. Depending on the departure date, you will have the opportunity to witness the astonishing Egun mask dances of Benin, or the Akwasidae festival of the Ashanti, a glittering showcase of traditional culture honouring the Ashanti king. We don't just visit these countries - we feel them, and in doing so it's hard not to fall under their spell.

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