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Our Togo holidays and tours focus on the incredible diversity to be found here, from the coastal belt with its rich voodoo traditions to the villages of the Somba and Tamberma, renowned for their unique architecture and unusual houses. Two of the smallest countries in West Africa, Togo and Benin are home to a wealth of cultural experiences that belie their modest size. Discover the remnants of the slave trade in Ouidah, walk through the bizarre fetish markets and embrace a culture entirely different to anything you will have experienced before. With gods walking the streets, temples dedicated to pythons and kings that can make themselves invisible, our Togo holidays offer you a chance to step into a magical world that won't fail to leave a lasting imprint.

12 days

Ouidah Voodoo Festival

Discover the voodoo traditions of a magical land on this two week tour to Ghana, Togo and Benin that takes you right to the heart of the magic of Africa, meeting witches and gods and exploring the villages of the Tamberma. This is a diverse and exciting trip that is both a great introduction to the region and of equal appeal to seasoned African travellers.

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12 days

Gold and Magic

Ghana, Togo and Benin are home to an amazing diversity of traditional cultures, from the once mighty kingdom of the Ashanti to smaller groups living in isolation in the bush. Visit stilt villages, the unique villages of the Dagomba and see some of Africa's most magical ceremonies and rituals. We don't just visit these countries - we feel them, and in doing so it's hard not to fall under their spell.

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