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Magnificent snow-capped mountains - ethereal in their beauty. Grasslands grazed by yaks, mighty gushing rivers, sutra-chanting monks and heart-warming nomads. With the deep reds and browns of the barren rock landscapes, the vibrant mustard-yellow fields, the striking blue glacial lakes and skies that pierce just as brightly, the intensity of Tibet’s landscapes will capture your attention and grasp it tight. This otherworldly region, mighty and resilient, is a reflection of the Tibetan people. For so many years Tibet was largely a mythical place in the mind of the west, with access impossible, and it was not until the early 20th century that it began to open its doors to the world. Although it has seen many changes in the last half century, it remains a place of mystery - the legendary 'abode of the god kings'.

Dotted with deep gorges and home to the world's highest mountains, Tibet is a land of superlatives. With its sacred cities, hilltop fortresses, Buddhist monasteries and such warm and welcoming people, this extraordinary place still exudes magic and captivates at every twist and turn.

27 days

Tibet In Depth

An in-depth journey to the ‘Roof of the World’. Meet local families, marvel at majestic monasteries and journey into Tibet's western wilderness. Tibet is an awe-inspiring and mysterious land and its best kept secrets are beckoning...

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