Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan - 16 days
Silk Road Explorer
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Uzbekistan Holidays

The countries of the Silk Road are some of the most evocative on the planet, filled with the romance of traders from the east, lost cities and forgotten empires. Located at a crossroads in the heart of Asia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are home to a fascinating mix of influences from the various cultures that have flourished here, as well as some truly stunning architecture, yet remain largely ignored by western visitors, meaning that you won’t find crowds of other people here. From the Tajik capital of Dushanbe, we visit the ancient fort of Gissar and then head into the stunning but little visited Fann Mountains, staying overnight at Lake Iskander Kul. Heading north from here we stop in the cites of Khojand and Istaravshan, before crossing the border into Uzbekistan. After exploring Tashkent we head to the fabled city of Samarkand, one of the most important cities of the Silk Road, where we take in its stunning Registan Square as well as other impressive sites. We then continue to Bukhara, perhaps the most elegant city in Central Asia and with a well preserved historic centre that amazes at every turn. Moving westwards we stay in a desert camp and explore ruined fortresses before reaching the walled desert city of Khiva, an open air museum that seems to have changed little since the time it was a feared regional power hundreds of years ago. Bidding farewell to Uzbekistan we head into the little known country of Turkmenistan, exploring the ancient ruins of Merv, the strikingly unusual capital Ashgabat, and the mausoleums of Konye-Urgench, as well as staying overnight at one of Central Asia’s most bizarre sights – the flaming gas crater of Darwaza. The splendours of the Silk Road await……

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