South Sudan - 9 days
Africa’s Forgotten World
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South Sudan Holidays

There are few places left in Africa that compare to South Sudan, a wild and untamed world that is home to some of the continent’s most traditional ethnic groups, living in the same way as their ancient forefathers. Based on our own personal experience of the world’s newest country, this short South Sudan tour takes you deep into the tribal heart of a truly fascinating part of the continent. From the boom town capital of Juba we head east to the land of the Toposa people, an intensely traditional group related to both the Turkana of Kenya and the Surma of Ethiopia, who decorate their faces and bodies with elaborate scarifications that almost defy belief. We spend time exploring their villages and meeting tribal elders before returning westwards, visiting other ethnic groups such as the Boya and Lotuko along the way, learning about the challenges of life here and seeing a side of Africa that few people will ever be privileged enough to witness. Finally we travel to the homelands of the Mundari people, known for their distinctive tribal scarring and the regular wrestling contests that take place between their villages – we should be able to witness one of these incredible spectacles, but we don’t recommend taking part! This is not always an easy journey – infrastructure is often lacking, and visitors virtually unknown – but without a doubt is one of the most exciting you are likely to make.

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