Djibouti, Somaliland - 10 days
The Horn of Africa – Djibouti and Somaliland
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Djibouti Holidays and Somaliland Holidays

Djibouti and Somaliland sit at the very edge of the African continent, a stone’s throw from Arabia on the shores of the Red Sea. This short trip takes in some of Africa’s most incredible landscapes, combining them with a fascinating collection of cultures that owe as much to the Middle East as they do to the countries further south. Starting in Djibouti we embark upon an expedition to the harsh yet beautiful scenery of Lac Abbe, a huge salt lake surrounded by bizarre rock structures, staying there overnight to watch the ever changing colours as the sun sets and rises. From here we continue to Lac Assal, Africa’s lowest point and home to Afar salt collectors, before continuing to the old Ottoman settlement of Tadjourah on the coast.

An overland journey through harsh, barely inhabited deserts takes us to the unrecognized country of Somaliland, a low key, laid back place that couldn’t be more different from neighbouring Somalia. Here we discover some of the most impressive rock art in the world at Las Geel, barely known to the outside world, and the historic buildings of the Red Sea port of Berbera. The joy of travelling here is to feel like you are treading new ground – few people ever make it to Somaliland – and of course the friendly, welcoming people who are pleased to have visitors to their home. We explore the markets of Hargeisa, venture further afield to the rock art of Dhagax Khoure, and travel into the mountains at Sheikh, before returning to the capital to the end the trip. This is a wild and untamed land, home to nomadic communities who have barely changed in centuries, and travel here is not for everyone – creature comforts on occasion can be few and far between. But for the Africa enthusiast looking to visit a truly authentic, traditional part of this ever enchanting land, its rewards are great….