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Our Senegal tours and holidays take you to an incredibly diverse land, with amazing wildlife, fascinating ethnic groups and enchanting old colonial towns that seem a world away from the lively capital of Dakar. Straddling the boundaries between the desert and the tropics, between Islam and animism, this is a truly enthralling destination that simply doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves. Discover the spiritual traditions of West African Islam in the sacred town of Touba, and meet Fulani nomads deep in the bush, living as they have done for centuries. Explore the dusty streets of gorgeous St Louis aboard a traditional caleche, and venture into the Casamance region for a taste of tropical Africa, replete with ancient tribal customs, sacred forests and animistic rituals. On our Senegal holidays, learn about the history of the slave trade on Goree Island, explore fishing villages and enjoy some of Africa’s best birdlife. Senegal awaits…..

14 days

West Africa Explorer

Travel through an incredible corner of Africa from the Sahel to the tropics on a remarkable journey, visiting traditional chiefs, camping in the desert, meeting Fulani nomads and looking for turtles and other wildlife in Guinea-Bissau.

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29 days

Marrakech to Bissau

An epic journey from Marrakech, through the sands of the Western Sahara and along the West African coast. Meet nomadic tribes, travel on little frequented desert tracks, and experience the incredible diversity of a stunning corner of Africa.

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