Saudi Arabia - 15 days
Saudi Arabia – The Forbidden Kingdom
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Saudi Arabia holidays

One of the most inaccessible places on the planet for western travellers, Saudi Arabia is more than anything a land of mystery and a world very different from anything you may have experienced before. On our Saudi Arabia holidays we aim to uncover some of the hidden secrets of one of travel’s last frontiers, lifting the veil on a land that has been out of bounds for so long. We start in the cosmopolitan city of Jeddah, a juxtaposition of bright new developments and old Ottoman heritage, before heading to the striking Asir Mountains, a contrast from the city and one of the country’s most traditional areas. We visit ancient oasis settlements, a village hanging from the cliffs and discover prehistoric rock art, before driving via the ghost town of Al Ula to Madain Saleh. The jewel of Saudi Arabia’s historic sites, Madain Saleh was built by the same civilisation as built Jordan’s Petra, and we have time to marvel at the exquisite rock carved tombs and learn about the ancient history of a people long gone from this land. En route to Riyadh we stop at old desert forts and ancient ruins, visit a lively camel market and spend more time exploring the unique Saudi culture. Beyond the often negative reports of the country you’ll find a graceful, welcoming people, keen to meet visitors and demonstrate their overwhelming traditions of hospitality. Unlike any other trip, this is a real journey of surprises that will challenge what you think you know about this enigmatic corner of Arabia.