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São Tomé and Principe Holidays and Tours

Nestled in the Gulf of Guinea, the islands of São Tomé and Principe are a rather intoxicating combination of tropical languor, Creole culture and lush nature. Our São Tomé holidays and tours allow you to discover a very different side of the continent, where Portuguese colonial heritage and the diverse cultures brought here by the slave trade have combined to create a unique society not found elsewhere in Africa. Explore old plantations, journey through the thickly forested interior or kick back and relax on the islands’ stunning beaches. With endemic wildlife, picturesque old villas, cocoa plantations and friendly locals, on our São Tomé holidays you'll discover a charming respite from the often chaotic atmosphere of the mainland, and well worth exploring.

São Tomé and Principe
12 days

Island Africa - Equatorial Guinea and São Tomé

Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tomé combine beautiful island scenery with Latin heritage, with tourism rare on both islands. Discover volcanic landscapes, look for turtles nesting, wander through old colonial streets, and see a very different side of Africa.

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São Tomé and Principe
10 days

São Tomé Explorer

Explore the charming island of São Tomé, one of Africa's best kept secrets. Hike in pristine rainforest, watch turtles lay eggs on the beach, discover picturesque fishing villages and immerse yourself in the unique culture of this beautiful island nation.

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