Romania - 14 days
From Transylvania to the Danube Delta
Prices from £1,875

Romania Holidays

Romania is a stunning land of fairytale castles, beautiful towns, rural traditions and great countryside that is waiting to be explored. This Romania tour takes you not just to the historic sites but goes far beyond this for an in depth insight into one of Europe’s most enchanting destinations. From the capital Bucharest we head into Transylvania, home of the Dracula legend and some exceptionally well preserved towns that hark back to the days when the region was dominated by the Saxons, full of magnificent churches and well preserved merchant’s houses. Further into the trip we explore the rural heritage of the country, staying in small villages where people still use horses and carts to get around, as guests of local families – an ideal way to learn about life here. The startling painted monasteries in Bucovina are a sight to behold with elaborate frescoes of Biblical scenes decorating their walls, and in the Danube Delta we stay deep within the backwaters within a traditional community to explore this stunning region properly. Romania has many spectacular sites, from ‘Dracula’s castle’ to fortified churches, but it is likely to be the welcome that we receive in the villages that is your most enduring memory, and offers you the best chance to really get to know this charming country.

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