Romania Holidays
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Romania Holidays and Tours

For much of the 20th century Romania was out of bounds to travellers, shrouded by the Iron Curtain and with a regime that discouraged visitors. With the demise of Communism this delightful country is not only rediscovering itself but has opened its doors to show a world of medieval castles, thick forests where wolves and bears still roam unhindered, and charming rural landscapes. Our Romania holidays and tours take you back in history, discovering historic towns and fortified churches, staying as guests of local communities to get under the skin of the culture and allowing you a real insight into the customs of one of Europe's most endearing countries. Romania is a hidden European gem just waiting to be discovered, and our Romania holidays take you to the very heart of it.

14 days

From Transylvania to the Danube Delta

Romania is a stunning land of fairytale castles, beautiful towns, rural traditions and great countryside that is waiting to be explored. This tour takes you not just to the historic sites but goes far beyond this for an in depth insight into one of Europe's most enchanting destinations.

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