Small group tours & tailor made adventure holidays to Papua New Guinea

Often described as the last frontier of adventure travel, this incredible country is about as wild and untamed as it gets. Our Papua New Guinea holidays explore a land that is home to some of the most vibrant and unusual cultures to be found, from the yellow painted Huli of the highlands around Tari to the crocodile venerating tribes of the Sepik River. There are around eight hundred and fifty different ethnic groups here, many living intensely traditional lives hidden away in the forests and mountains, and the wildlife is just as enchanting, with stunning birds of paradise, unusual marsupials and new species being regularly discovered. If anywhere could be described as a lost world, Papua New Guinea comes closest, and for anyone interested in anthropology or nature, it deserves a high priority in your travel plans.

Papua New Guinea
12 days

Land of the Crocodile Men

An intrepid journey into the heart of the Sepik region, travelling between remote villages to visit isolated tribes. The highlight of this trip will be when we meet the famed crocodile men, and are allowed to observe an initiation ceremony – something very few outsiders have ever seen.

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