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Pakistan Holidays and Tours

Our Pakistan holidays and tours aim to show you the most exciting parts of this incredible land, taking you away from the lowlands into the mountains of the Himalaya, Hindu Kush and Karakoram ranges, where peaks tower above the clouds and isolated villages dot some of the most jaw dropping landscapes you are ever likely to see. Pakistan offers an intoxicating blend of traditional cultures and superlative scenery, but currently receives a fraction of the visitors that it deserves. On our Pakistan holidays meet the ‘pagan’ Kalash people in their mountain fastness, and explore atmospheric settlements that have changed little since the first British explorers made their way here during the ‘Great Game’. Witness colourful festivals, visit ancient forts and travel past snowcapped peaks and gushing rivers. There is much more to this incredible country than meets the eye, and it retains a true sense of adventure that leaves an indelible impression on this who make the journey here.

16 days

North Pakistan Explorer

See the colourful celebrations of the Kalash people, travel through some of the world's best mountain scenery and venture to a wild and untamed land at the very edge of the subcontinent.

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