Nigeria - 12 days
Lost Kingdoms of Nigeria
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Nigeria Holidays

Discover one of Africa's most vibrant and exciting countries on a tour that will challenge your preconceptions. A much maligned nation, Nigeria suffers from a bad reputation that discourages most travellers, but this tour shows you that there's another, much more appealing, side to the country. Starting in the mega city of Lagos - surely one of the liveliest on earth - we head to the coastal town of Badagry, linked to the slave trade and with dark secrets to uncover. From here we travel to the old Yoruba city of Abeokuta with its grand Afro-Brazilian buildings, and climb the sacred Olumo Rock, a holy site for local people. Moving further we head to the virtually unknown Idanre Hillls for an opportunity to discover a lost world of sacred sites and hidden civilisation, before heading on to the town of Oshogbo where we explore a sacred grove and learn about the intricacies of Yoruba religion in the company of revered Ife priestesses. Perhaps the highlight of this trip though is the time we spend in the heartlands of the Kamberi people, getting to know this intensely traditional group of people who have largely shunned the modern world and mark their bodies with elaborate decorations - as curious about you as you are about them. This Nigeria tour offers unparalleled opportunities to not just get off the beaten track but redefine the very concept, and you're unlikely to see any other tourists in the whole time you're here - a truly authentic experience that is often lacking in other parts of the world.

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