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Our Nigeria holidays and tours allow you to understand the complexity of one of Africa's most exciting and vibrant destinations, taking you beyond the stereotypes to show you the real nature of this colossus of a country. The surging powerhouse of West Africa, Nigeria has a brash and bold attitude that brooks no compromise. This is no country for first time visitors to the continent, but for sturdy travellers looking for something utterly different, it's hard to beat. From the fading Afro-Brazilian architecture of the Yoruba cities of Ibadan and Abeokuta to the wild tribal lands of the Kamberi, the virtually unknown heritage of the Idanre Hills to the Ife priests of Oshogbo, Nigeria is a land that will surprise you at every turn. With almost no tourism, and few westerners outside of Lagos, our Nigeria holidays explore the final frontier of African travel - and all the more exciting for it.

12 days

Lost Kingdoms of Nigeria

Discover one of Africa's most vibrant and exciting countries on a trip that will challenge your preconceptions. Explore the magical culture of the Yoruba, learn about the slave history of Badagry and climb into the Idanre Hills for glimpses of a lost world, and meet the Kamberi, one of Africa's most traditional yet least known groups.

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