Morocco and Western Sahara - 13 days
Morocco and the Western Sahara
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Western Sahara holidays

Discover the wild and untamed lands of southern Morocco and the Western Sahara, where nomadic traditions, picturesque kasbahs and the raw beauty of the desert combine. Starting in the ever exotic city of Marrakech, the end point of the Saharan camel caravans of old, we journey through the lands of the Berbers and across the mighty High Atlas Mountains, to the magical landscapes of the Draa Valley, encountering huge dunes and semi-nomadic people living in the desert. From here our journey into the arid lands south begins, travelling south through endless horizons and stopping at small desert towns along the way, the romance of the Sahara getting ever closer. From Tarfaya we enter the disputed territory of the Western Sahara, a land of Saharawi nomads, rolling dunes and camel trains, exploring a land that has almost been forgotten, where traditions are strong and the scenery awe-inspiring. Stopping at wells and to meet local people, we spend a few days exploring here before rejoining the coastal road south and heading to Dakhla, the last outpost before West Africa. Morocco is familiar to many, but the deep south is world apart that has changed little in centuries – our Western Sahara holidays are a journey into the unknown.