Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro - 15 days
Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro
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Albania Holidays

Explore Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, a stunning and unusual part of the continent on the borders of Christian Europe and the old Ottoman Empire. In Albania we first visit the citadel of Kruja, with its deep connection with Albanian culture and impressively preserved buildings, then head to the region of Mirdita where we step back in time to discover feudal traditions, unique villages and the real spirit of Albanian culture. Crossing into Montenegro we discover its stunning national parks and natural beauty, then return to Albania to the traditional villages and alpine scenery of Thethi. Crossing Lake Koman by boat we continue to Kosovo to explore the pristine mountainous countryside, criss crossed with rivers and harbouring villages where the traditions of yesteryear are as relevant as they ever have been. Cities like Prizren and Pristina give us the opportunity to delve into the complex history of the region, while in the Sharri Mountains we meet the Gorani people and learn about the rich cultural diversity of the country. Back in Albania we visit the ‘museum city’ of Berat with its unique architecture, visit the Roman site of Appollonia and the impressive Ardenice monastery. This is a fascinating land, little visited up until now but with much to offer the curious traveller. Discover one of Europe’s hidden secrets…

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