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The small Balkan nation of Montenegro packs a lot into its borders, with scenery and history that rival many larger and better known countries. Our Montenegro holidays and tours take to you to a land of rugged mountain scenery, glacial lakes and lush forests, where eagles soar, wolves still prowl the forests and shepherds tend their flocks in high pastures as in the days of old. Historic cities packed with Ottoman and Venetian architecture, as well as a stunning coastline, make this small country a surprising delight to explore.

15 days

Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro

Explore the hidden secrets of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, on the very edge of Europe. Discover historic cities and ancient Roman ruins, enjoy one the world's most breathtaking boat journeys through the Albanian Alps, and visit beautifully preserved towns like Berat. Meet the Gorani people and stay in mountain villages. A fascinating and very different side of Europe.

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