Mongolia - 13 days
Mongolian Eagle Adventure
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Mongolia Holidays

Western Mongolia is one of the most pristine and unspoiled areas in Asia, a vast wilderness of dramatic peaks pushed up against the borders with China and Russia, where old traditions don’t just survive, but thrive. Home to impressive wildlife such as ibex, wolves and the iconic snow leopard, the Altai Mountains offer superb opportunities for exploration and adventure. During the winter, nomadic Kazakhs follow the practice of their forefathers and head out on horseback to hunt with golden eagles – an extraordinary spectacle which we take time to appreciate as we join them on their hunt. On this Mongolia tour we spend time exploring the stunning Khokhserkhiin Nuruu Protected Area in search of the wildlife of the Altai, staying as guests of a local family in their traditional wooden home. And in Tavan Bogd we explore a breathtaking landscape of high peaks, discovering ancient petroglyphs, and enjoying local hospitality. The Altai Mountains are perhaps the most remote part of a remote country, a mysterious landscape where nature rules supreme and the scenery makes you gasp in wonder. Travelling here in winter in the company of Kazakh eagle hunters, watching them practice their age old art, is a privilege that few can ever forget.

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