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Mongolia Holidays and Tours

Our Mongolia holidays and tours show you a land of mountains, desert and grasslands, where shamans still perform ancient rites and Kazakh nomads hunt with golden eagles. Mongolia is the land of Genghis Khan, of nomadic horsemen, of wide open spaces and endless horizons, and its very name is synonymous with remote. This breathtaking country offers superlative opportunities to leave the beaten track far behind, forge your own path, and experience some of the most incredible landscapes you’re ever likely to see. On our Mongolia holidays experience traditional Mongolian hospitality as guests of a culture that has largely ignored the world beyond the steppe, travel through the spectacular Altai Mountains, and keep your eyes peeled for snow leopards in the hidden crags. Travelling in Mongolia has never been particularly easy but its dramatic landscapes and unique cultures rarely fail to enchant, and many return time and time again.

18 days

Mongolian Highlights

Discover the incredible diversity of this remote and mysterious land, hiking along extinct volcanoes, uncovering its ancient Buddhist heritage and exploring the foreboding Gobi Desert. The highlights of Mongolia, and more.

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25 days

Altai Explorer

Join us on a truly groundbreaking journey, travelling through the forgotten lands of Mongolia, Russia and China to the heart of the Altai Mountains and a land steeped in shamanism and ancient traditions. Stay with eagle hunters, meet nomadic communities and enjoy some of Asia’s most impressive landscapes.

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13 days

Mongolian Eagle Adventure

Western Mongolia is one of the most pristine and unspoiled areas in Asia, a vast wilderness of dramatic peaks and impressive wildlife. Travel with Kazakh eagle hunters as they practice their skills, stay with Tuvan families, hike along glaciers and search for iconic wildlife such as snow leopard.

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