Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine - 16 days
Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova
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Ukraine Holidays

Travel to the farthest reaches of Europe on a two week tour that explores three countries, and one breakaway republic. Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova are some of the least known countries on the continent, once well hidden behind the Iron Curtain but now released from the Soviet grip and enjoying a cultural resurgence. Starting in Belarus we explore the striking capital Minsk with its melange of Communist architecture and charming old churches, then head to the fairytale castle at Mir, and a homestead where we stay as guests of a local family and experience true Belarusian hospitality. At Brest we learn about the tragic history of the country during the Second World War, while in Belovezhskaya we explore one of the last primeval forests of Europe. Leaving Belarus behind we take the overnight train to Kiev and begin exploring Ukraine. In the capital we visit stunning golden domed monasteries and cathedrals dating back a thousand years, as well as making an excursion to Chernobyl – a sobering experience but fascinating nonetheless. We continue from here to Lviv – surely one of the most elegant cities in Europe with a wealth of spectacular buildings and monuments. In surrounding villages we discover striking old castles before heading on to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, a treasure chest of traditional Hutsul culture, incredible scenery and fascinating wildlife. Finally we visit Moldova, the smallest country of the trio but with vast underground wine cellars, ancient monasteries and the unique republic of Transdniestr, a country that doesn’t officially exist. This is a truly intriguing region, full of surprises and imbued with a rich heritage that easily rivals better known parts of Europe, and best of all, it’s well off the tourist map.

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