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Our Moldova holidays and tours take you to a rather quirky little country with one breakaway republic that few heave ever heard of, another semi-autonomous region and a culture deeply influenced by its gypsy heritage. Sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania this small and rather modest nation is often overlooked when thinking about Eastern Europe, but it could just be the continent's most unusual destination. Moldova is a curious mix of stark Soviet ideology and gentle rural customs, punctuated by rolling hills, traditional farmsteads and ancient churches. Famed also for its wine, the country boasts some of the largest wine cellars in the world - veritable underground cities with tunnels stretching for kilometres which showcase Moldova's deep love of the grape. Not to be missed is the self-proclaimed nation of Transdniestr - a throwback to the days of Communism with an eccentric 'capital' and a frankly bizarre atmosphere that seems out of place in the 21st century. Our Moldova holidays take you to an unassuming and charming country that you'll wish you'd visited before....

16 days

Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

Travel to the farthest reaches of Europe on a two week tour that explores three countries, and one breakaway republic. This is a truly intriguing region, full of surprises and imbued with a rich heritage that easily rivals better known parts of Europe, and best of all, it's well off the tourist map.

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