Mauritania - 10 days
From the Atlantic to Chinguetti
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Mauritania Holidays

Mauritania is a wild land of spectacular deserts and sand blown historic towns, picturesque oases and nomads living in goat hair tents, eking out an existence in the way of their forefathers and adhering strongly to the traditions of the Sahara of old. This unique Mauritania tour takes you to a country that has been little visited by travellers in recent years, full of hidden gems that will excite even the most experienced traveller. We start in the capital Nouakchott and head up the Atlantic coast to the villages of the Imragen people, renowned for using dolphins to help them catch the fish on which they depend. We explore the Banc d’Arguin National Park with its impressive bird populations and visit the beautiful beaches of Cap Blanc. After Nouadhibou we then head inland to the almost unknown Ben Amera, second only to Australia’s Uluru in size and rising from the desert like a lost island. We discover the Guelb er Richat, a vast crater like structure that can be seen from space, then travel through the stunning Adrar region, where we hope to meet nomadic groups and learn about their lives here in one of Africa’s most unforgiving landscapes. The highlights of this trip are saved until near the end as we visit the historic towns of Ouadane and Chinguetti, once important centres of scholarship that played an important role in the trans-Saharan caravans of old. Here we discover ancient mosques, crumbling citadels and wander the sandy streets, soaking up the Saharan atmosphere and almost travelling back in time. On our way back to Nouakchott we spend our final night in the delightful oasis of Tergit, with its lush palm groves and springs. An exciting, unique and surprising Mauritania tour through an utterly captivating land.

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