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Mali epitomises West Africa and is one of its most vibrant nations, a kaleidoscope of colours, music and traditions. Troubled in recent years, Mali has suffered enormously from the fallout of Gadaffi’s Libya, but we feel that now is the right time to venture back to this incredible country. Mali is home to the mighty Niger River, West Africa’s greatest waterway, with traditional fishing communities lining its banks, changed little from the days when Mungo Park made his epic journeys here. In Djenne the amazing mud mosque – one of Africa’s most impressive buildings – looms large over the town, while in the villages and hills of Dogon country live a fascinating people, following arcane traditions and practicing elaborate and entrancing ceremonies. Although it’s still not possible to visit the far north of the country, Mali has a huge amount to offer – friendly and welcoming people, amazing music and a fascinating history that stretches back to the days of the old Saharan camel caravans.

11 days

Mali - Mud Mosques and the Dogon

Mali is one of the most rewarding countries in West Africa, a colourful and vibrant destination, dominated by the Niger River. Visit the stunning mud mosque of Djenne, meet local villagers in riverside communities, and explore the world of the mystical Dogon people.

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