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Our Liberia tours and holidays show you vibrant coastal cities full of the colours of West Africa, and follow roads deep into the forests to look for unique wildlife found in few other places. Liberia and its neighbour Sierra Leone are an often forgotten part of West Africa, associated with brutal civil wars and the illicit diamond trade. The wars are long finished and both countries are emerging from the shadows to offer intrepid Africa enthusiasts the chance to see a side of the continent that’s been hidden for many years. Discover the intriguing tribal cultures of traditional ethnic groups, and get up close to chimpanzees. Wander through atmospheric towns, meet friendly local people and enjoy the sense of forging new paths through a little visited part of the world, where locals are as curious about you as you may be about them. Forget what you think you know about this much maligned country and discover the charming reality for yourself.

8 days

Liberia Revealed

Explore Liberia, off the map until now. Visit the villages of the Bassa people for an insight into local customs, explore the historic Firestone plantation and meet chimpanzees close to the capital Monrovia.

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