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Best known for its incredible national parks and rich fauna, Kenya is East Africa’s tourism hotspot, and you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing left to discover here. Step away from the better known sites though and Kenya opens up to a wealth of ethnic diversity and traditional tribal groups, very different from the contrived Maasai experiences that one might encounter on a typical safari. Towards the remote and austere northern borders, through forbidding deserts and isolated oases, live the Turkana, Rendille and others, a world away from the luxury lodges and bright lights of Nairobi, both in geography and culture. This area is known as the ‘cradle of mankind, home to some of humans’ earliest origins, and travelling here is like stepping back in time – little has changed here for generations. This is a wild and untamed land, home to warriors, herders and nomads, and travelling here is a journey you’re unlikely to forget.

11 days

Expedition to Lake Turkana

A challenging expedition to the remote border lands of northern Kenya, to meet some of its most isolated and traditional ethnic groups. Explore the lands of the Samburu, Rendille, Gabbra and Turkana people, travel to the shores of Lake Turkana, and look for wildlife in Samburu Reserve.

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