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Kazakhstan Holidays and Tours

Our Kazakhstan holidays and tours show you the best of this Central Asian giant, from cosmopolitan cities like Almaty to the lakes, mountains and grasslands where traditional communities hunt with eagles. Known, if at all, for nomads, space launches and oil, Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, a vast swathe of plain and steppe in Central Asia. Usually ignored on tours through the region, Kazakhstan is reinventing itself as a regional powerhouse but look beyond the glittering buildings of the new capital Astana to discover centuries-old nomadic culture and glorious Islamic monuments harking back to the days of the Silk Road. Look for wildlife in pristine reserves, wander through the mausoleums of Turkestan and explore markets bustling with people from all over the region. Kazakhstan is often the last gap on the traveller's map of Central Asia - our Kazakhstan holidays show you an incredible country that will continually surprise you.

16 days

Hidden Kazakhstan

A unique journey through Central Asia's largest country. We discover incredible national parks home to enigmatic wildlife, see the amazing Charyn Canyon, look for ancient rock art and see old Silk Road monuments. As well as this we venture by 4wd into the remote desert region of Mangistau, with striking landscapes of salt lakes, rock towers and ancient pilgrimage sites.

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10 days

From Steppe to the Silk Road

One of the world's largest countries, Kazakhstan is also one of its least known. Discover spectacular national parks in the mountains and steppe, wander through the remains of old Silk Road cities and search for bear, lynx and snow leopard. This trip is a great introduction to a mysterious and almost forgotten country - break new ground and discover it with us.

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26 days

Central Asia Encompassed

An epic adventure through the five 'stans'. Discover the remarkable cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, rub shoulders with nomadic herders of the shores of Lake Song Kul, traverse the wild landscapes of Kazakhstan and learn about the ancient civilisations that made up the Silk Road.

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25 days

Altai Explorer

Join us on a truly groundbreaking journey, travelling through the forgotten lands of Mongolia, Russia and China to the heart of the Altai Mountains and a land steeped in shamanism and ancient traditions. Stay with eagle hunters, meet nomadic communities and enjoy some of Asia’s most impressive landscapes.

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