Ivory Coast - 11 days
Ancient Gods of West Africa
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Ivory Coast Holidays

Off the map for a few years due to social and political problems, Ivory Coast is back and beckoning intrepid travellers. This trip takes in the highlights of the north of the country, starting and ending in the lively capital Abidjan. Much of the focus is on discovering the rich and varied cultures that thrive here, and we spend our time trying to uncover the secrets of the land. We visit the Dan, Fulani and Senoufou people, witnessing their vibrant traditional mask dances and rituals. No visit to the country would be complete without Yamoussokkro, where we visit the enormous basilica and see how a tiny village was transformed into the political capital of the country, very much at odds with the rest of the country, and in Grand Bassam we relax and soak up the languid tropical atmosphere, surrounded by the fading glory of French colonial architecture. Cote d’Ivoire is a fascinating land, like most of the region firmly embedded in the culture of the ancestors while making steps towards the future. Few people make it this far, and it’s not for everyone, but for those looking for a country almost completely unused to tourism, this trip fits the bill.

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