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Our Ivory Coast holidays and tours explore a part of West Africa that exemplifies the notion of 'off the beaten track' travel, and take you to a land steeped in complex and arcane traditions; bewitching, mysterious and utterly captivating. After the political and social turmoil of the last years, Ivory Coast is now starting to cautiously open itself up to tourism once again. The wonderful scenery, the cultural diversity, and its colonial Atlantic towns make France's most beloved West African ex-colony a fascinating destination for the adventure traveller. There are no concessions made to tourism here - what you see is what you get - and often what you see are rituals and ceremonies that defy conventional explanation, and an Africa that is more magic than modern. On our Ivory Coast holidays, be one of the first to discover the treasures of one of the continent's most thrilling corners.

Ivory Coast
11 days

Ancient Gods of West Africa

Off the map for a few years due to social and political problems, Ivory Coast is back and beckoning intrepid travellers. Ivory Coast is a fascinating land, like most of the region firmly embedded in the culture of the ancestors while making steps towards the future. Few people make it this far, but for those looking for a country almost completely unused to tourism, this trip fits the bill.

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