Iraq - 9 days
In the Footsteps of Saladin
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Iraq Holidays

The ancient land of Kurdistan in the north of Iraq occupies a special place in history, with monuments and cities that date back millennia and bear witness to the diverse civilisations that once ruled here. This short trip takes you on a journey to discover a place that for many years was simply off limits to western travellers, but rivals any of its better known Middle Eastern counterparts. We start in the ancient city of Erbil, dating back an incredible seven thousand years and with a fascinating citadel to explore that gives you a real idea of how important this region once was. From here we step into the footsteps of Alexander the Great at the ancient battle site of Gaugamela, and join Yezidi pilgrims at Lalish for an insight into one of the Middle East's most ancient religions. At Dohuk we visit the remains of one of Saddam Hussein's palaces, a troubling reminder of the problems suffered by the Kurdish people, and in Rawanduz enjoy some of the best scenery to be found in the region, with lush mountains, plunging chasms and caves that stretch far underground. Finally we head to Suleimaniyah, exploring its chaotic bazaars and splendid museum but also visiting the tragic site of Halabja for an insight into Kurdistan's recent history. Despite the wealth of sites here your overwhelming memory is bound to be the hospitality and friendliness of the Kurdish people, keen to welcome people to their land and rejoicing in their new freedom. Kurdistan is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

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