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While the south of Iraq struggles to recover from the troubles of the last decade, the northern autonomous region of Kurdistan is a bastion of stability in an otherwise fractured country. Now becoming deservedly recognised for its wealth of cultural and historic attractions, Kurdistan is quickly staking its claim as one of the most interesting places in the Middle East. Our tours to Iraq uncover a region that is home to some of the oldest cities on earth, with impressive citadels and imposing monasteries a testament to the various influences that have held sway here over the years. It is also home to some visually stunning scenery with dramatic gorges and lofty peaks that beg exploration, as well as a proud and resilient people happy to welcome visitors to what could become the Middle East's next tourism hotspot.

10 days

In the Footsteps of Saladin

The ancient land of Kurdistan in the north of Iraq occupies a special place in history, with monuments and cities that date back millennia and bear witness to the diverse civilisations that once ruled here. This short trip takes you on a journey to discover a place that for many years was simply off limits to western travellers, but rivals any of its better known Middle Eastern counterparts.

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